The Best Casinos in London

Popular Casino Cities in the UK

Posted by Harry Kane on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Best Casinos in London

The trend for offline gambling has been in gradual decline since 2008, as iGaming and remote betting platforms have continued to sweep across Europe. In the UK alone, online gambling now accounts for more than 38% of the total marketplace, while this number is likely to increase further in the near-term. However, brick-and-mortar casinos remain incredibly popular in many major cities throughout the UK. Here’s our pick of the top betting destinations:

#1. London

Let’s start with the obvious choice; with London established as the English capital and home to several vast and prestigious casinos. Currently, London houses some 35 casinos throughout its districts, each of which are home to a variety of table games, slot machines and competitive poker tournaments alongside other card games.

The Casino at The Empire is thought to be the largest in London, with in excess of 120 slot machines, 50 table games and five poker tables in play. The table games include a meld of low and high-limit iterations of Blackjack and Roulette, creating an opportunity for players to make the most of their time regardless of their bankroll.

Other prominent brick-and-mortar casinos include the Forty-Five Kensington Casino, Crockford’s, The Hippodrome and Grosvenor’s Victoria Casino, with some of these locations occupying up to three floors and boasting exclusive membership programs.

#2. Cardiff

Now we head from the capital of England to the main principality in Wales, with Cardiff widely considered as one of the UK’s most tourist destinations and one that’s home to a particularly vibrant nightlife. As you can imagine, Cardiff’s bustling bar and nightclub scene is also dominated by brick-and-mortar casinos, with several options available for both local and travelling gamblers from across the globe.

What’s more, Cardiff’s rich entertainment landscape should appeal to both casual and serious gamblers, with most casinos in close proximity to popular bars and restaurants. Of course, some Cardiff casinos have closed their doors since 2020, including the iconic Rainbow Casino (the closest Rainbow Casino iteration is now based in Bristol).

However, the aforementioned Grosvenor casino chain has a strong presence in Cardiff, while the popular Les Croupiers Casino also remains open to the public. These options are also among the most popular as they combine world class gambling facilities with in-built dining areas and bars, so you can enjoy a comprehensive night out with both small and larger groups.

#3. Manchester

Like London and Cardiff, Manchester is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations, and one that has only gained in popularity having undergone significant regeneration since the 1990s. This once industrial heartland also boasts a significant number of landmark buildings, bars and (of course) casinos, while football fans also like to incorporate gambling into their weekend activities after visiting Old Trafford or the Etihad Stadium.

But what casinos are among the best in Manchester? Well, the Grosvenor Casino Soames in one of the biggest and most popular, while the Genting Casino in the heart of Manchester is also regularly visited by younger and more casual gamblers. Manchester 235 has also taken the market by storm of late, incorporating live music and fine dining as part of a more immersive iGaming experience.

In short, it strives to replicate a Las Vegas-style casino experience in Manchester, while this land-based entity also runs some of the most competitive and lucrative live poker tournaments in the city. Interestingly, casinos in Manchester tend to be quite sophisticated and elegant in their design, with a focus on targeting high-rollers and providing the type of gambling experiences synonymous with London and the Vegas Strip.

So, although such casinos are open and accessible to casual gamblers, Manchester is fast becoming the home of the high-rollers in the UK!

#4. Glasgow

People often mistake Glasgow to be the capital of Scotland, but this port city located on the River Clyde is actually the country’s second city. However, it’s arguably the go-to location for gambling in Scotland, with Glasgow home to both new and contemporary casinos and those that date back to the early 1990s.

Glasgow’s most seminal and iconic land-based casino is Alea Glasgow, which is a spectacular gaming sport that’s spread across two sprawling floors and overlooks the aforementioned River Clyde. It will probably come as no surprise to know that Grosvenor has another popular outlet in Glasgow, in the form of the ‘Grosvenor Casino Merchant City’.

The Grosvenor Casino Riverboat also retains a cult following in Glasgow, with this rivalled by a popular iteration of the Genting Casino. Other locations include The Cotton Club Casino, which provides an authentic and underground gambling experience that’s arguably unmatched anywhere else in the city.

#5. Birmingham

Birmingham is widely considered to be England’s second-biggest city, and one that has managed to maintain its industrial roots while growing into a bustling metropolis. As part of the city’s evolution, Birmingham has become a highly popular location among gamblers, including both locals and tourists who have been attracted from across the UK and Europe.

The most popular casinos in Birmingham include the Broadway Casino, while there are also busy iterations of the Genting and Grosvenor Casino chains in Brum’s city centre. In Edgbaston, you’ll also find the longstanding Rainbow Casino, with each of these entities offering access to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alongside a diverse selection of table games and competitive poker tournaments.

What’s interesting about Birmingham is the city’s diversity, which means that the casinos here are often packed with people from all walks of life. This is reflected by the sheer range of tables and gaming experiences available to players. For example, there are exclusive casino tables for VIPs and high-rollers, alongside standard Blackjack and Roulette games with minimal limits. Baccarat is also popular across Birmingham casinos, while most casinos will offer a dedicated area for slot machines!